Canada Ceramic Tiles Market Is Poised To Reach A Value Of Around US$ 1.8 Billion By The End Of 2022

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Tiles are used in several applications in the construction industry. Tiles made from ceramic material are referred to as ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles deliver various benefits such as ease of maintenance, durability, they are light in weight, they have good color consistency, and are resistant to corrosion. These aspects have driven the growth in consumption of ceramic tiles and hence the growth of the ceramic tiles market in Canada. However, certain limitations pose hindrances to the growth of the Canada ceramic tiles market. The manufacturing of ceramic tiles leave particulate matter along with greenhouse gases which is harmful to the environment. Moreover, there is greater volatility in the pricing of raw material used for the manufacturing of ceramic tiles; there is price volatility in raw material such as feldspar, bentonite, silica sand as well as kaolin.

The Canada ceramic tiles market is poised to reach a value of around US$ 1.8 Bn by the end of 2022 and is anticipated to grow at a sluggish CAGR during the forecasted period of 2017 to 2022.

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Key Segments of Ceramic Tiles Industry Research

  • Ceramic Tiles Market by Formulation

    • Dry Pressed Ceramic Tiles
    • Extruded Ceramic Tiles
    • Casting Ceramic Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles Market by Application

    • Ceramic Tiles for Walls
    • Ceramic Tiles for Flooring
    • Others
  • Ceramic Tiles Market by End Use

    • Ceramic Tiles for Residential Use
    • Ceramic Tiles for Non-Residential Use
  • Ceramic Tiles Market by Sales Type

    • New Installation of Ceramic Tiles
    • Replacement of Ceramic Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles Market by Region

    • North America Ceramic Tiles Market
    • Latin America Ceramic Tiles Market
    • Europe Ceramic Tiles Market
    • East Asia Ceramic Tiles Market
    • South Asia Ceramic Tiles Market
    • Oceania Ceramic Tiles Market
    • Middle East Africa Ceramic Tiles Market

Highly Fragmented Market Structure with Organized and Unorganized Players

The global ceramic tiles market is a highly fragmented space with a large number of local and regional players. There are a range of small-scale producers manufacturing ceramic tiles at global and regional levels.

The ceramic tiles market consists of both, organized and unorganized players in the 40:60 ratio. Tier-1 ceramic tile suppliers hold a market share of over 15% with revenue of over US$ 16.8 Bn.

Some of the key manufacturers of ceramic tiles are Ceramiche Atlas Concorde, Cersanit Sa, Pamesa Ceramica, Florim Ceramiche, Grupo Lamosa Sab, Johnson Tiles, and Mohawk Industries.

  • In February 2020, Pamesa Ceramica collaborated with Spanish fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada to launch a range of ceramic tiles – ‘Agatha 21’. The star attractions of Agatha 21 are bold powder colors, confetti affects, geometrical shapes, and glossy shines.

The business ecosystem involves growing stakeholders involved in producing ceramic tiles and the supply chain, starting from raw material procurement to final product manufacturing. Post this, product promotion and sales take place, which is possible if an efficient channel of distribution is created. Finally, end products are put at the disposal of potential consumers.