Top Companies Shaping The Future of Healthcare With Digital Patient Engagement

Digital healthcare solutions are needed to improve the quality of care, reduce costs, and increase access to healthcare services. These solutions can help streamline processes, reduce paperwork, and provide more accurate data for decision-making.

Patient engagement solutions are digital tools and services that help healthcare providers and patients interact more effectively. These solutions can include patient portals, mobile apps, telehealth services, and other digital tools that enable patients to access their health information, communicate with their care team, and manage their own health.

Software for patient engagement makes it easier to encourage a patient’s active involvement in maintaining their health, developing a collaborative connection with their doctor, and enhancing the overall patient experience. Patients expect empathy, appreciation, prompt communication, and simple access to information from their healthcare providers because hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare businesses are increasingly being held to the same standards as the retail and hospitality industries.

The global patient engagement solutions market, the market is gaining traction steadily, rising at an 8.6% CAGR through 2032, exceeding a valuation of around US$ 29 Billion by 2022. As of the end of 2032, the market is expected to reach US$ 66.4 Billion. Download a free sample.

Artificial intelligence is the key to patient involvement in the future. There are numerous technologies available to recognize and forecast patient trends, improve communication, streamline scheduling, pinpoint dangers, etc. Healthcare practitioners can give patients individualized experiences by leveraging AI. Healthcare providers can provide personalized customer experiences by anticipating the needs of the customer.

The frequency of patient interactions, the number of required appointments, and the nature of necessary routine care are a few examples of these developments. When providers engage with patients, it improves engagement and leads to a better experience.

The following companies are reigning the market with effective engagement solutions-

Get Well Network In

Through involving patients, educating families, and empowering doctors, delivering high-quality, individualized patient care. The platform aids in creating 50 million patient interactions every year. The company also accomplished the goal of 3500 live system-generated interactions last year.


It is a digital care management firm whose products and services are utilized to serve more than 42 million individuals nationally by top health plans and care delivery companies. The company has established Aerial as a SaaS solution that seamlessly connects with the healthcare ecosystem and generates consumer engagement for effective care and health resource utilization management.

Orion Health

The company is focused on data analytics in the healthcare niche ensuring data is managed and used with privacy and according to security standards. The intelligence platform from Orion Health is a smart, health-centered way to gather and analyze data for managing the health of individuals, cohorts, and populations.


The Healthy Outcomes platform from InteliChart is a comprehensive patient engagement solution suite that was created to provide patients more control over their healthcare while streamlining the provider’s patient management process. Large and small healthcare organizations can take use of a potent suite of patient engagement tools that work in concert to engage patients at every stage of their health journey through a single, simple-to-implement integration that is compatible with over 30 different EHR platforms.

Salesforce health cloud

It’s one of the trusted and connected platforms that provides power to the health sector business and life science. Health Cloud enables you to enhance customer-first experiences, increase operational efficiencies, and influence the best results by combining clinical and non-clinical data into a single source of truth.


The best platform for patient engagement that seamlessly interacts with electronic health record systems is NexHealth. The real-time online scheduling, automatic appointment reminders, patient messaging, digital forms, online payments, reporting, virtual waitlist, and other features offered by NexHealth improve company procedures.


A software program called RecallMax aims to keep your schedules packed. We go beyond simply automating patient communication and provide a multifaceted recall strategy that continues where automation leaves off. Recall shouldn’t be a four-letter word, which is why our software is designed to assist with the fundamental problems that affect the practice’s ability to manage recalls successfully.

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