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Hydro lubricants are water based lubricants used for lubrication the components of the applicable machinery in the manufacturing sector which aids in increasing the machine service life with their outstanding functional properties. Since these lubricants are water based, they help in saving the energy as the operating temperatures required are low as compared to other synthetic lubricants. The water content in hydro lubricants is very high and thus these lubricants become less harmful. The thermal conductivity of hydro lubricants is also very appreciable.

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The environment friendly properties of hydro lubricants are among the important factors for growth of their market. The upcoming advancements in application of hydro lubricants in bearings and industrial chains will also help set a trend for the market growth of hydro lubricants. Lower cost and good service life of hydro lubricants with respect to other synthetic lubricants will help to grow their market rapidly.

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  • Increased use in industrial applications: Hydro lubricants are finding increased use in industrial applications such as metalworking, food processing, and textile manufacturing. This is because they can provide excellent lubrication properties while also being non-toxic, biodegradable, and easy to clean up.
  • Development of high-performance formulations: Manufacturers are working to develop hydro lubricants with improved performance characteristics such as higher viscosity, better wear protection, and improved thermal stability. This is leading to increased adoption in high-performance applications such as heavy equipment and automotive manufacturing.
  • Use in hydraulic systems: Hydro lubricants are also being used in hydraulic systems, where they can provide excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. This is particularly important in applications such as offshore drilling where traditional lubricants can be harmful to the marine environment.
  • Growth in the marine industry: Hydro lubricants are also seeing increased use in the marine industry, where their environmentally friendly properties make them an attractive alternative to traditional lubricants. This includes applications such as boat engines, hydraulic systems, and thrusters.
  • Adoption in consumer products: Hydro lubricants are starting to be used in consumer products such as bicycles, where they can provide excellent lubrication properties without the use of petroleum-based oils.

List of Market Participants

Key market players in hydro lubricants market are listed below:

  • Kluber Lubrication.
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation.
  • Sinopec Corporation.
  • The DOW Chemical Company.
  • GEO Specialty Chemicals.
  • Croda International Plc.
  • Condat Lubricants.
  • Metalworking Lubricants Company

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