Global Esports Market Size Is Set To Surpass US$ 6 Billion By 2028

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The Fact.MR new report on Esports Market Research estimates  the size of the Esports market and overall Esports market shares for key regional segments during the forecast period.

Analysts at Fact.MR utilize extensive primary and comprehensive secondary research to analyze Esports’ sales and demand, market share, production footprint, current launches, contracts, ongoing R&D projects and market strategies.

The latest market research report analyzes the E-Sports market demand by different segments. It gives business leaders insight into Esports and ways to increase their market share.

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Substantial Investments in Sponsorships Creating Growth Opportunities

As eSports continues to gain popularity and attract increasing viewership, leading industry titans are sponsoring the tournaments and teams of the eSports.

Revenue from eSports sponsorship remains a key profit-generating model for game developers as well as franchises.

Brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, BMW, Adidas, and Intel among others, and gaming hardware companies such as SteelSeries are sponsoring the eSports tournaments with huge investments to leverage the exposure of a huge audience base.

In addition, the eSports market is witnessing a considerable number of partnerships among technology providers and investors.

Competition Landscape

The competition landscape segment provides the dashboard view of the key vendors operating in the eSports market.

Few of the prominent vendors of the eSports market include North

  • Immortals
  • Millennial Esports Corporation
  • Refresh Entertainment
  • Riot Games, Inc.
  • ESL
  • VY Esports
  • Znipe Esports
  • Coke Esports among others.

Other market players that have a stronghold in the global space of the eSports market are covered in the eSports market report.