Airport Runway Foreign Object Debris Detection System Market Is Set To Register A 7.5% CAGR Over The Next Ten Years

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The global aeronautic sector is increasingly facing a number of safety threats to crews, passengers, and aircraft, owing to foreign object debris (FOD), birds, and growing number of drones operating near runways and ancillary airport areas. According to the European Commission, the aviation sector experiences costs of approximately US$13 billion/year due to FOD and bird-aircraft strikes.

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Key Segments

  • Component

    • Hardware
      • Stationary
      • Mobile
    • Services
      • Installation
      • Support & Maintenance
      • Training & Certification
  • End-use Industry

    • Civil
    • Military
  • Region

    • Americas (U.S., Rest of Americas)
    • Europe (U.K., Germany, France, and Rest of Europe)
    • Asia Pacific (Greater China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Rest of APAC)
    • Middle East & Africa (UAE, Turkey, Israel, and Rest of MEA)

Competitive Landscape

The airport runway FOD detection systems market is moderately consolidated in nature, with leading players contributing to majority market share. Major manufacturers are largely focused on gaining contracts with government-based aviation authorities around the world, in addition to research in product development efforts, for long-term growth prospects.

  • ArgosAI Technology unveiled the A-FOD, a real time, artificial intelligence-based debris detection system, which is capable of operating in multiple weather conditions to minimize the risk of injuring employees in ground operations, or alternatively damage to aircraft.
  • Dyer & Butler, a leader in multi-specialty engineering services, completed runway infrastructure improvements and maintenance operations in September 2020 at the Gatwick airport, including new FOD and Instrument Runway Visual Range system (IRVR) systems.
  • In February 2019, Schwarze unveiled the A7 Tornado, a multi-purpose FOD solution vehicle for airport surface cleaning requirements, including litter removal, road sweeping, and ramp debris removal, through catch basin vacuum, air blast cleaning, and glycol removal functionality.