Are You Choosing Your Antacids Wisely – Have a Check

As part of the sedentary routine, People often tend to ignore their dietary needs and end up opting for something called fast food. But it slows down digestion tracks. lack of time is one of the reasons behind people grab a pizza and gobble it faster to spare some time for work. This causes indigestion or heartburn also known as dyspepsia.

Eating too fast and too much is often followed by acidity issues. The increased acid in the stomach splashes up into the esophagus which leaves a sour taste in the mouth and causes a feeling of heartburn. However, this heartburn has nothing to relate with the heart. growing sedentary lifestyles accompanied by irregular food intake are key reasons behind increasing acidity issues. As a result, there is a rise in demand for antacid medicines in the recent past.

Antacids are good for treating heartburn and upset stomachs. Another reason for the surging market share of antacids is they can be bought without any prescription that’s why they are referred to as over-the-counter medicine available in almost every medical. They reduce the amount of acid in the stomach by stopping the enzyme which creates acid. These factors are anticipated to favor antacids sales in the upcoming period.

Consumer-centric approach by manufacturers to nurture market competition

Manufacturers keeping eye on the consumer’s preferences are most likely to bring innovation in this market. Some companies have responded to consumers’ needs with the introduction of chewable forms of tablets and different flavors of antacids to score well in convenience aspects. Moreover, the leading firms in pharmaceuticals have improved their budget for research and innovation to create a competitive edge.

Furthermore, manufacturers are in urge to reposition their identity with melt-in-mouth and gummy tablets that satisfy the consumer taste parameters. As a result of these factors, the global antacids market size is expected to surpass a valuation of USD 19 billion by end of 2025.

Antacids: Consumption Cautions to be Considered

There are certain cautions to be understood while consuming antacids regularly- brands made with more magnesium content may lead to Diarrhea. while others with more calcium and aluminum content cause constipation issues these are often a result of the consumption of large amounts of antacids.  Moreover, it’s equally important to have an understanding of who can consume antacids. most people can take it but consulting doctors is advised for people under age 12, who have other issues like blood pressure or kidney diseases.

Antacids are an effective source of relief from heartburn and in cases of indigestion especially when people have fast food on their plates. While following instructions and prescriptions is equally crucial before consuming antacids. Taking precautions to evaluate if these interact with any medicines that one currently consuming is advised by experts.

What to look for while buying Antacids?

Informed consumer decisions often reduce the negative consequences of buying. There are some ingredients one should look for while buying antacids. One of these is calcium carbonate as it reduces stomach acid. other common suppressors are H2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors as these both are effective in the prevention of acid formation in the stomach. This is also a takeaway for antacid manufacturers to display information on the tablets regarding their active ingredients and the ideal dosage for best results.

Here are some top antacids brands for your reference-

The top pick brand is available in form of chewable tablets and capsules. its pink color has a chalky texture with the flavors of mint to appeal taste buds of many. The liquid form of it effective in treating heartburn and reduces inflammation.

This is a proton pump inhibitor that reduces food-digesting acid produced in the stomach. However, these are prescribed and best suited for people with chronic symptoms.

These are chewable antacids as the quickest solution one can carry along wherever they go. These tablets taste good and have a tint of berry flavors that further adds value. the main ingredient is calcium carbonate which is an essential active ingredient supposed to be present in any antacid.

The soothing mint flavor is effective in treating one upset stomach. Moreover, its combination of magnesium and calcium carbonate helps in neutralizing acid content in the stomach.

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