Leading Cybersecurity Companies Saving Healthcare Industry Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber threat to the healthcare industry along with the sophistication of cyberattacks has increased over the past decade. Vulnerability to malicious cyberattack increases with improvement delivered by automation, interoperability, and data analytics. Cyberattacks are of particular concern for the health sector as it can directly threaten not just the security of systems s but also the health and safety of patients.

Healthcare organizations have been attractive targets for cybercriminals for various reasons such as criminals can quickly sell patient medical and billing information for insurance fraud purposes. Moreover, ransomware has ability to lock down patient care. Also, internet-connected medical devices are susceptible to tampering.

Cyber-security is the method of safe-guarding crucial systems such as sensitive and important information cyberattacks. Moreover, increasing reliance on computer systems, wireless networks, and rising penetration of smart devices and IoT-enabled devices has improved the significance and need for cybersecurity solutions across the globe.

Rise in number of healthcare-related cyberattacks is an indication that healthcare providers are falling victim to falling victim to cybercriminals at an increasing rate. Mostly, large healthcare providers have the adequate resource to devise a formidable cyberdefense strategy. Moreover, various community hospitals, independent doctors, and dentists at times don’t have the luxury of investing into cybersecurity defences. Moreover, the American Medical Association has also indicated that nearly 57% of medical practices in the Us have around 10 physicians, and about 10% are solo practitioners.

Top 10 Leading Cybersecurity Companies Across The Globe

CyberMDX: The company is an IoT security firm that protects medical devices and their connections. The company has been offering compliance and governance services. The company had also recently joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (an ecosystem of independent software vendors dedicated to cybersecurity. CyberMDX offers cloud-based cybersecurity solutions that support the advancement of The Internet of Medical Things. The company identifies end points and assesses vulnerabilities to detect, respond to, and prevent cyber incidents. Moreover, the company is designed to integrate with customers’ existing environments through its scalable, easy-to-deploy and agentless solution.

Bitglass – Based in Silicon Valley, the company is the data protection company. Company is a global cloud access security broker (CASB) and agentless mobile security company. The company’s solutions enable real-time end-to-end data protection, from the cloud to the device. Bitglass is supported by Tier 1 investors and was founded in 2013 by a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of innovation and execution. Moreover, Bitglass has appeared in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers.

CybelAngel: This is a cybersecurity firm that detects data-leaks. Moreover, the company also finds data that has been stolen or leaked by accident. This is generally by third party partners and suppliers. Moreover, the solutions offered by the company scans the visible, deep and dark webs, but it is also the only one scanning the major source of negligent leaks. Its approach to data-leak detection combines Artificial Intelligence and human expertise. Smart algorithms ensure rapid and precise detection, while machine learning focuses alerts based on what is most important to their clients. And yet it’s not machines that put together your alerts – it’s people. Its cyber analysts compile a report for every incident, with all the information needed for a swift remediation. Cybel Angel is a digital risk protection platform, able to detect and resolve threats before issues arise.  Working in a variety of industries including pharma and healthcare, Cybel Angel monitors databases and devices to ensure assets are kept secure.

Protenus: Company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Baltimore. Protenus, a healthcare compliance analytics platform protects patient privacy for the country’s leading health systems. Moreover, it has announced a strategic partnership with RADAR, the award-winning provider of incident response management software, to help healthcare organizations reduce the risks associated with unauthorized disclosures of protected health information (PHI).

Cynerio: Cynerio is a leading provider of healthcare IoT cybersecurity and asset management solutions. Goal of the company was to fix the broken healthcare cybersecurity status. The cynerio platform empowers hospitals to detect and act against threats on IoMT, IoT, OT, and mobile devices. Moreover, the company’s focus is to empower healthcare providers to face pre-empting threats with automated risk reduction. The company recently announced it has raised $30 million to secure mission-critical medical and IoT devices.

Virta Labs: Founded in 2014, Virta Labs has developed a number of solutions including Pulse, a threat feed that automates the threat analysis process, and a freemium model for healthcare organisations to use its software for free. The company is a developer of cyber asset management tools designed to help healthcare providers to understand and tackle cybersecurity challenges. Moreover, the company’s tools focus on inventory, vulnerability awareness, and patch management for their networked devices and IoT security settings. This enables clients to keep their network safe and secure and reduce the chances of piracy.

Imprivata: The company was founded in 2002 by the professionals who had developed identity management technology while working at Polaroid. The company is a developer of cyber asset management tools designed to help healthcare providers to tackle cybersecurity challenges. The company’s focus is on the patch management for their networked devices and IoT security settings. This enables clients to keep their network safe and secure and reduce the chances of piracy. The company also offers secure authentication management solutions to the healthcare sector, including to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

Irdeto is headquartered in Netherlands and has been operating since 1969. Irdeto is a software security and media technology company that allows new forms of distribution for broadcast and mobile entertainment. The company protects platforms and applications for connected health and IoT networks. Irdeto’s services enable growth and fight cybercrime in various connected industries that includes health, transport and infrastructure.

Imperva: Imperva is headquartered in California in the US. The company provides protection to enterprise data and application software. Moreover, the company has expertise in safeguarding important information such as patient data. Also, Imperva Research Labs study potential cyber threats to stay ahead of potential attacks.

Medigate: Medigate, a Claroty company, is a leading Healthcare IoT security platform that enables healthcare providers to deliver connected care. This also helps hospitals to confidently connect and operate all clinical assets on their network while ensuring patient privacy and safety. The company has won more than 40 industry awards that includes 2021 Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security, the SINET Innovator Award, Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company Award, and being listed in Forbes’ Top 20 IoT Start-Ups to Watch

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