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In Terms Of Revenue, Supermarket Segment Accounts For A 40% Market Share Of The Global Durian Market : Fact.MR’s Study

Surge in consumption of fruits is witnessed in the last few years due to high nutritional values and the importance of a rich diet. Durian is a large edible fruit that is majorly cultivated in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Southern Thailand. Moreover, 40% of Thailand’s durian export goes to China owing to higher demand from the destination country. Moreover, the seeds of the fruit are also eaten when these are roasted in form of snacks. Moreover, due to its exquisite taste and flavour, it is highly preferred in Asian countries. Moreover, it is durian flesh is commonly consumed for further processing in the food industry to make desserts, ice creams, jams and cakes. Moreover, this fruit can also be canned, dried and stored with longer shelf life ultimately retaining its taste and flavour.

Durian is rich in energy, vitamins and minerals. It also provides phytonutrients, water, and proteins as some of the beneficial nutrients. Like other various tropical fruits, durian is also a good source of vitamin C and fibre. As it offers various nutrients, it is a good enriching nutrient fruit for consumption by humans.

Rising awareness about health benefits offered by various fruits and ingredients is expected to boost the growth of the market

Durian offers various health benefits such as healthy digestion, reduces insomnia, stabilizes blood pressure. This also helps in maintaining cardiovascular health, bone health and maintaining anemia. Durian is also rich in terms of oxidants and is found to be good in neutralizing cancer-causing radicals. It also helps in maintaining healthy heart by reducing cholesterol levels. Also, people suffering from blood pressure are inclined towards this fruit as this has ability to fight infection and has stronger impact in lowering blood pressure.

Asia Pacific region dominates the market share of durian fruits

Asia Pacific is expected to account for more than 90% of share in terms of revenue. Thailand is a major exporter of durian fruits while China dominated imports in this sector. Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam are the biggest importers across the globe. The free trade agreement between China and Thailand fostered trade in durian. The other regions in this market the UK, the US, and Germany are turning in favor of durian fruit products owing to the popularity of this fruit in terms of health benefits. Download Sample Report

Surge in penetration of social and modern digital media is expected to offer lucrative opportunities

High penetration of social and modern digital media has contributed to the rising awareness about global cuisines and dishes. Due to high internet regression, regional food is getting better exposure. The market is anticipated to be positively influenced by consumer taste preferences majorly in Asian countries towards healthy food products. Market players have been advertising and promoting the products of Durian. These are creating a market for this fruit globally and fruit is promoted through television shows and television shows and travel TV series.

Competitive Landscape

Key players in the market are Thaiaochi, Tempora Food Industry Sdn Bhd, Sunshine International Co., Ltd., D International Co., Ltd., NAFOODS GROUP JSC, Xi’an Asclepius Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd, Lavifood, IngredienTrade, Dulai Fruits Enterprise, Top Fruits Sdn Bhd, Bao Sheng Durian Farm among others. Key manufacturers are also adopting various promotional activities and also quality certifications practiced by the manufacturers are the key opportunities to create awareness and to reach customers globally.

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