Rapid Usage of Cart/trolley-Based Portable Ultrasound Equipment in Several Medical Settings | Fact.MR’s Study

A portable ultrasound machine is one of the most sensitive medical imaging equipment used by emergency rooms. Moreover, due to its non-invasive design, it can offer real-time images. Portable ultrasound therapy machines are also helpful in alleviating the stress placed on patients who must wait for hours for a visit or go from one location to another.

High demand for portable ultrasound equipment in cardiovascular applications is expected to witness an impressive growth during the forecast period. Moreover, the need for portable ultrasound equipment in cardiovascular applications is being supported by the ongoing advancements in the medical industry.

Medical professionals prefer ultrasound technologies to create the image of the patient’s internal organs to diagnose disease and follow the treatment during surgery. Ultrasound technologies have other benefits such as it is utilized to conduct biopsies, quantify heart attack damage, and find cardiac issues.

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Rise in demand for non-invasive diagnostic solutions

Due to rise in prevalence of serious illnesses and disorders, portable ultrasound equipments are gaining traction. Also, rising consumer spending on routine health screenings is expected to support industry expansion.

High adoption of advanced technology such as artificial intelligence in various imaging/diagnostic solutions is one of the most common developments witnessed in the global market.

High availability of medical and technology equipment in emergency rooms is one of the several variables that affect how quickly patients are treated.

Key players are focusing on unique ultrasound imaging solutions

New key players are focused on investing in mobile health and ultrasound research. Ultrasonic waves are used for cancer therapies in medical imaging.

Also, new key entrants are putting on unique ultrasound imaging solutions that are precise and efficient, in addition to low-cost diagnostic services.

  • Exo Imaging, a start-up company based in the United States, offers an AI-based platform for analyzing ultrasound images. It’s unique micro-machined ultrasonic technology blends semiconductor capabilities with nanoscale piezoelectric materials.
  • This technique is effective as it offers full-body imaging with the help of silicon-based device. Moreover, this system is appropriate for a number of diagnostic applications, such as wearable device-based diagnostics and tomography machines.

Surge in initiatives by government organizations to develop new technologies

North America is expected to witness highest revenue share in the global market. Moreover the market is also growing at an impressive due to well-developed healthcare system. Also, rise in initiatives by government organizations to develop new technologies and execute reimbursement policies. Moreover, surge in adoption of portable physiotherapy ultrasound machines, a rise in chronic diseases, and an increase in government spending on healthcare, all of which are anticipated to boost market expansion.

Rapid Usage of Cart/trolley-based Portable Ultrasound Equipment in Several Medical Settings

The portable ultrasound equipment market is divided into cart/trolley-based ultrasound equipment and handheld ultrasound equipment. Cart/trolley-based portable ultrasound equipment accounts for 90% share of the global market.

Ultrasound devices that are cart/trolley-based can be applied in a variety of medical settings. With the support of wheels attached to its bottom, it can be transported from one location to another with ease, earning it the names mobile scanners or wheel scanners. These are lightweight and this quality makes it simple to move them around fast.