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Burning Bright: Industrial Burners Demand Amidst Sectoral Growth

Industrial Burner Market Analysis 2024-2034 Featured Image

Industrial Burner Market Analysis 2024-2034 Featured Image

Industrial burners are devices used in various industries worldwide to generate heat for a range of applications. These work by efficiently burning fuels like natural gas, oil, or biomass to produce high temperatures needed for heating, melting metals, or powering machinery. Examples of their use include heating water or generating steam in boilers for power generation or manufacturing. They also facilitate chemical reactions and separation processes in chemical plants. Additionally, they are employed in baking, roasting, or drying food products in the food industry and incinerating waste in waste-to-energy plants for both waste reduction and energy production.

The global market is expected to reach a value of US 11,318.2 Mn by 2034. While registering a CAGR of 4.7% The demand for industrial burners is driven by expansions in sectors such as oil and gas, chemicals, and manufacturing.

Industrial Burners Market Analysis 2024-2034

Market Landscape

• With a focus on energy efficiency and emissions reduction, manufacturers in North America are innovating to develop advanced burner technologies. North American market is expected to witness a CAGR of 27.1% by 2034.

• By 2034, China is expected to account for 57.3% of the East Asia market revenue. This growth in industrial burner sales is linked to the upsurge in construction projects, as well as the expanding urban and industrial sectors in the country.

• In Europe, industries like automotive and food processing drive the demand for industrial burners. Their focus is on reducing emissions with low-NOx technologies and meeting strict energy efficiency regulations.

Leading Companies in the Global Industrial Burners

Faber: Situated in Pennsylvania, USA, Faber Burner offers durable and dependable burners tailored for industrial, commercial, and utility sectors. Their industrial combustion burners, comprising control, ignition, and gaseous fuel components for boilers, are user-friendly and well-constructed. Faber has specialized in custom-engineered and packaged burners, ranging from single-capacity burners of 0.5 to 300 MMBtu/hr to multi-capacity burners.

Honeywell Thermal Solutions: Based in North Carolina, USA, as a subsidiary of Honeywell, Honeywell Thermal Solutions is a global provider of high-quality industrial combustion burners. With a mission focused on reducing process emissions, Honeywell Thermal Solutions offers advanced solutions, including low-emission industrial burners and sophisticated control systems.

Hurst: Located in Georgia, USA, Hurst Boiler & Welding Company is dedicated to producing, designing, engineering, and servicing top-tier boilers. Their industrial combustion burners cover a range of fuels, including gas, oil, biomass, and hybrid firetube burners. Hurst offers comprehensive services for burner installation and operation, along with manufacturing a full range of boiler parts and peripherals for complete boiler room solutions.

Limpsfield: Headquartered in Greater London, UK, Limpsfield has been crafting top-notch industrial combustion burners since 1995. Their skilled team manufactures gas, LPG, and oil-fired burners, along with valves, housings, and enclosures. These burners are highly efficient, using less than 3% oxygen in the mixture.

Miura America: Based in Georgia, USA, this renowned company focuses on steam boilers, industrial gas burners, and associated equipment. They specialize in highly efficient, low NOx steam boilers. Particularly, their LX boiler series adopts a ‘no furnace design’ to minimize NOx emissions.

Oilon: Located in Finland, Oilon Burners manufactures a variety of industrial gas burners and heating solutions. They design burners for liquid and gaseous fuels with capacities ranging from 10 Kilowatts to 90 Megawatts, suitable for all industrial applications.

Power Flame: Located in Kansas, USA, Power Flame is a pioneering producer of industrial gas burners, offering oil, gas, and combination (gas/oil) low NOx burners, along with combustion control systems. With extensive research, timely production, and proven manufacturing expertise, Power Flame Inc. delivers high-quality burners globally.

Victory Energy: They’re located in Oklahoma, USA, and are renowned for manufacturing top-quality industrial gas burners and auxiliary products. They excel in providing superior solutions tailored to customer needs, offering a wide range of industrial burners, including portable boiler rooms and boiler-in-a-box variants. Their burners boast low NOx emissions of 30 ppm without FGR (flue gas recirculation).

Wayne Combustions Sytems: Situated in Kansas, USA, this company produces durable industrial oil and gas burners, ranging from 10,000 to 2,300,000 Btu/hr for gas and 0.5 to 13 GPH for oil. Known for reliability and cost-effectiveness, they serve various industries globally, including food service, pressure washers, and HVAC systems.

Webster Combustion Burners: Based in Kansas, USA, Webster Combustion Burners utilize cutting-edge technology for efficient combustion, resulting in low emissions and affordable products. Their advanced control technology enhances boiler efficiency and improves the industrial combustion burner process.


  1. What is an industrial burner?
    An industrial burner is a device that burns fuel to generate heat for various industrial processes.
  2. Where are industrial burners used?
    Industrial burners are used in industries like manufacturing, power generation, and food processing to provide heat in furnaces, boilers, and ovens.
  3. How do industrial burners work?
    Industrial burners mix fuel and air to create a controlled flame, which produces heat for industrial processes.
  4. Which type of burner is best?
    The best type of burner depends on factors like the type of fuel used and specific industrial requirements. Common types include gas, oil, dual-fuel, and low-NOx burners, each with its own advantages. Consulting with experts helps determine the most suitable type.

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