Advanced 3D Dental Scanners To Shorten Scanning Times In Aesthetic Dentistry Procedures

Dental 3D scanners scan teeth using a laser or light source. A computer is used to analyze the image produced by 3D scanners for later usage. These photos are combined with a CAD/CAM system, a 3D printer, or both to produce prosthetics and dentures that fit perfectly.

Demand for 3D dental screeners in the field of dental healthcare is expected to rise due to recent advancements in dental diagnostic imaging equipment. Moreover, surge in demand for cosmetic dentistry is also driven by surge in disposable income and beauty standards.

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There is a growing demand for precise 3D dental screeners to reduce scanning times due to surge in the patient pool choosing variety of aesthetic dentistry procedures.

We have listed down best Intraoral 3d Dental Scanners below:

·         CERECT PRIMESCAN from Dentsply Sirona – Dentsply Sirona is the leading manufacturer of dental products. Product offerings include most innovative intraoral scanners on the market. This device is helpful in processing more than 1 million 3D points per second. This product also helps in easily digitizing hard-to-reach areas. The Primescan is also upgraded with a variety of sleeves, including disposable sleeves. Also, it features touchscreen and touchpad leads to easy operation. Also, it’s intelligent software can offer 50,000 images per second. In addition to this, this product combined with CEREC software produces full-zirconium restorations in one session.

  • CS 3600 by Carestream Dental – Carestream Dental has introduced a whole workflow around 3D scanning in the dental field. This can be achieved via intra-oral scanners, desktop or dedicated software. Moreover, it can digitize all the data of a patient quickly and efficiently. This only weighs 325 grams and it is very easy to handle. Also, it comes with various features such as LED light and has a field of view of 13 X 13 mm. Moreover, 2 tips are offered with the scanner depending in your needs. Finally, the scanner works with the CS model software that will allow creating digital models, save your 3d scans and editing them.

·         Medit i700 from Medit – Medit i700 was launched in April 2021 and it is a unique product that makes the scanning experience more comfortable for both the dentist and the patient. Also, when this product is compared to its predecessor such as Medit i500, the product is smaller and lighter too. In addition to this, it also features a deeper scanning depth along with good quality. It also offers full-arc accuracy of 11 microns. Its ergonomics and ease of use makes it easy to incorporate the Medit i700 scanner into any dental workflow.

·         TRIOS 4 by 3Shape – TRIOS 4 is another reputed scanner introduced by 3 Shape in the dental industry. The TRIOS series is made up of 3 intraoral scanners: TRIOS 4; TRIOS 3; and TRIOS 3 Basic. TRIOS 4 is one of the best products offered by the company, using LED light and weighing only 0.8lbs (375g). Moreover, it has a variety of interesting features, it is available in both wireless and wired forms, features good Wi-Fi connection and has instant-heat smart tips and better battery life.

·         Virtuo Vivo from Dental Wings – Founded in 2007, Dental Wings now markets its dental products in 70 countries for practitioners, clinicians and laboratories. One of its offerings is the Virtuo Vivo intraoral scanner, which is reminiscent of a pen – it is also lightweight at 4.6oz (130g). It is also helpful in scanning the data of the patient’s mouth from all angles, both teeth and tissues. The scanner is incorporated with a luminescent ring and a sound signal system to warn the practitioner that the data has been digitized.