Vegan Collagen: Beyond Your Average Skin Supplement

Today, veganism is more than just a change in dietary patterns, it can extend to becoming a whole lifestyle. Steering clear of animal-derived products, vegans are actively opting for plant-based cosmetics, dietary supplements, and even vegan pet food for their furry friends.

More than just a clean trend, veganism encompasses a myriad of health benefits, reduces the impact of consumption on the environment, and addresses moral concerns. Embracing veganism is not easy, as it requires altering pre-existing eating patterns, which involves looking for lean and naturally derived food products and supplements.

However, as the vegan consumer pool continues to expand, a wide range of vegan substitutes are available for many products that usually contain animal products. As per a recent market analysis by market intelligence provider Fact.MR, the vegan supplements market is poised to expand at a prolific 11% CAGR through 2031.

Talking about supplements, collagen is emerging as a frontrunner in the superfoods category. As a vital protein produced by our bodies, collagen production reduces with age, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines, delayed wound recovery, joint pain, and stiffness in muscles and tendons.

Therefore, it makes sense that when our body’s collagen production slows down, it is best to supplement it with ingestible or topical collagen. While it is easier to find vegan alternatives for almost everything that we consume, finding a suitable alternative for collagen supplements in skincare can feel more daunting.

Typically, collagen supplements are derived from animal products such as fish silage, hooves, hair, and feathers. Considering the new wave of veganism, many plant-based products in the market are specially formulated to contain ingredients that facilitate natural collagen production in the body.

These products are generally described as “collagen boosters”, “enhancers” or “promotors” that combine amino acids found in collage, such as proline, glycine, arginine, and hydroxyproline with other ingredients including vitamins and minerals to help the body produce collagen.

Multifunctional Ingredients: Better for Skin, Better for Bones

As plant-based collagen offers a combination of nutritive ingredients, consumers can enjoy the benefits of improved collagen production, along with a spectrum of skin-loving ingredients and probiotics for bone functioning.

Some ingredients that are making frequent appearances in vegan collagen supplements are bamboo, vitamin C, flaxseeds, vitamin E, coconut extract, sea buckthorn, spinach, and aloe vera. Bamboo is known to be the world’s richest source of silica, an element that is an essential building block for collagen.

Apart from boosting collagen production, bamboo potentially improves skin elasticity and hydration. For people whose bodies can generate collagen, vegan collagen boosters can not only enhance collagen production through nutrients but also contribute to other areas of health, including the immune system.

A blend of antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals derived from vegan collagen supplements can’t be termed as ‘direct collagen’, but it can surely fall under the category of multifunctional supplements.

Gummies or Powder: Which one will you choose?

Owing to the skyrocketing popularity of vegan collagen supplements, just like any other product, consumers are looking for unique flavors, formats, and packaging options to align with their preferences and choices.

Realizing this trend, companies are striving to offer vegan collagen in the form of powders, soft chews, capsules, gummies, and even dessert-like brownie batters that are chock-full of collagen.

For instance,  Future Kind+’s vegan collagen booster capsules are allrounders, offering a powerful blend of collagens in a sustainable packaging format. The supplement contains vitamin C derived from amla, silica from bamboo, and contains grapefruit extract to protect the skin from UV rays that break down collagen.

What’s more? The capsules come in 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles and glass as the company uses fillers, boxes, tapes, and prints labels with soy-based vegan ink.

Taking back to our childhood, HUM Nutrition’s Glow Sweet Glow offers vegan collagen gummies bursting with fruity flavors and non-GMO ingredients, delivering delicious and noteworthy improvements in skin and hair.

Lastly, appealing to the ones with a sweet tooth, Deux Brownie Batter is a vegan-collagen-packed flavorful dough packed in a jar. The collagen mix resembles your regular brownie batter, with a generous helping of almonds, maple syrup, chocolate chips, and flaxseed, minus the eggs.

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