Prevailing Cases of Leprosy Likely to Keep Leprosy Vaccines Market Blooming

The leprosy vaccines market is likely to grow due to the growing number of leprosy patients in Asia-Pacific. As per the WHO, in 2015, there were 176 leprosy cases per 10000 people. India accounts for 60% of leprosy patients worldwide, which has made the country a lucrative market for leprosy vaccines. Leprosy is an ancient disease, which is disabling and isolating people even today.

Leprosy Vaccines Market – Key Drivers and Restrains

  • The growing cases of skin diseases, especially leprosy and psoriasis are increasing the sales of leprosy vaccines. Such disease conditions are becoming coming in some parts of Asia-Pacific. In 2016, the WHO noted the range of global prevalence of psoriasis to be between 0.09 percent and 11.43 percent, declaring psoriasis a serious problem affecting nearly 100 million individuals worldwide. As per CDC, about 19,000 children got diagnosed with leprosy in 2016, over 50 a day.
  • Government is increasingly taking initiatives to curb Leprosy, and is offering reimbursement options, which could drive the growth of Leprosy Vaccines market. In 2017, the Indian Union Government launched countrywide ‘Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign (SLAC)’ to promote community participation in leprosy diagnosis and treatment, while the disease is in its initial stages.
  • In some parts of the world, people lack basic amenities and have no proper access to any communication channel, due they lack basic awareness about leprosy vaccines. Many people don’t even know about leprosy vaccines, which could dampen the growth of leprosy vaccines market.
  • Vaccines undergo rigorous review of laboratory and clinical data to ensure the potency, safety, etc. The FDA’s stern regulatory scenario for vaccine approval could also result into slow growth of the leprosy vaccines market.

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Usefulness of Repeat BCG Vaccinations Remains Uncertain

BCG has imparted protection against leprosy in some populations, but the usefulness of repeat BCG vaccinations is still uncertain. Many physicians prescribe BCG vaccine for Leprosy prevention, and a single dose of the same is said to give 50% or higher protection against the disease, but the physicians in the U.S. don’t prescribe the same, owing to BCG vaccine’s unproven effectiveness in the region. In fact, the lower number of leprosy patients in America is also impacting the growth of leprosy vaccines market. In the worldwide leprosy vaccines market, ambulatory care center has become the fastest growing segment, owing to the cumulative number of vaccination in the respective end user facility.

APEJ Continues to be a Lucrative Market for Leprosy Vaccines

The growing awareness about leprosy vaccines among patients in different parts of APEJ, have made the region a lucrative market for the sales of leprosy vaccines market. The growing government initiatives for spreading awareness related to leprosy is helping MEA grow at faster rate in comparison to other regions. As per NCBI, India accounts for 60% of fresh leprosy cases reported worldwide per year. The densely populated country is also among the 22 ‘global priority countries’, contributing more than 94% of world leprosy numbers of leprosy, which makes it highly in need of a sustained effort to pull the numbers down.

Prevailing Stigma Related to Leprosy & Existing Discrimination against Leprosy-Affected Persons could Impact Leprosy Vaccines Market

Leprosy is too vast to be considered eradicated, but still there exist a common misconception that it is a disease of the past. Many WHO South-East Asia Region countries have laws which discriminate against people suffering from leprosy, affecting their chances of marriage, and employment. To eradicate such barriers, the WHO has been taking initiatives along with governments of different countries.

In fact, in India, The Association of People Affected by Leprosy has been fighting for the rights of leprosy patients to eradicate any sort of stigmas associated with the disease.  The key players in the leprosy vaccines market can target such regions to expand their reach.

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Key Players: Leprosy Vaccines Market

There are many players operating in the leprosy vaccines market globally. Some of them are Pfizer Inc., Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Organon Laboratories Lmt., Sanofi AG, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Merck & Co., Inc, and GlaxoSmithKline PLC etc.

Segmentation of Leprosy Vaccines Market

The worldwide leprosy vaccines market can be segmented by vaccine type as ICRC, BCG; BCG + killed M. leprae, Mw, Vaccae, and Habana. Whereas in terms of route of administration, the market can be classified into Oral and Injectable.  Hospitals and Ambulatory care centers are two main end users of the leprosy vaccines.

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