New VILD MAD App Will Teach You to Forage For Food


The world’s most famous forager, Chef René Redzepi announced at the World’s 50 Best Talks, a conference to mark the World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ 15th anniversary, the launch of VILD MAD,  an initiative to promote foraging of wild foods.

VILD MAD (in Danish meaning for wild food) is a complete and free resource for the public to learn about and sustainably explore wild food. The initiative comprises an app in Danish and in English available in App Store or Google Play and a website. A curriculum for Danish schools and foraging workshops is offered across Denmark.

According to the website, “Foraging helped shape the flavors and philosophy of noma’s kitchen, and we believe it can be an incredible tool for people to get acquainted with their landscape; discover new flavors and ingredients; and improve our understanding of where food comes from. Bringing together the knowledge of foragers and chefs, VILD MAD encourages adults and children alike to get outdoors, to identify what’s edible, to harvest sustainably, and to cook with recipes that reflect the seasons and the landscapes.”

The Noma Chef along with the non-profit organization MAD, hopes the initiative to be an inspiration for others to do the same in different countries and cultures. They have been working on the tools for decoding the landscape and all the culinary opportunities which it will be providing.

Redzepi says at the event, “The app guides the user through landscapes and seasons, such as the forest in spring or the city in the summer, identifying what is edible and “[inviting] everyone to touch, to smell, to taste, to pick, to cook,” Adding further Children, especially, should learn to forage, and as part of Vild Mad has also developed a foraging curriculum for Danish school children and foraging workshops that will be offered by 50 park rangers across Denmark. “What if our kids, we imagined, were able to stroll through a park and they could pick things like they go and pick cornflakes and candies in the supermarket?”.

Sign up for the VILD MAD mailing list and follow VILD MAD on Instagram to get the more information on a foraging festival in Copenhagen on Sunday, August 27, 2017 where chefs, rangers and the rest of the wild food community will tell you more about edible nature with local foraging trips, stalls with wild food, talks, conversations, music and much more.

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