Kotkamills New Paperboard Material Set to Enter in Packaging Market


Kotkamills CEO, Markku Hämäläinen and his colleagues have reportedly developed a new paperboard material which is water-resistant, greaseproof, and recyclable. The material has been developed without any use of plastic or other harmful chemicals like fluorochemicals.

Fluorochemicals are widely used by the fast-food packaging sector, but there have been concerns about their potential health impact. This has led to clamors for developing eco-friendly packaging solutions.

The food and drinks industry currently uses polyethylene coating in their materials to make them water-resistant, greaseproof, stiffed, and lightweight. But, this doesn’t solve the rising problem of disposable waste.

The Finnish company claims to resolve this escalating problem of a thick layer of disposable waste with this innovative approach. With consumers showing more concern toward environmental conservation, companies are rushing to develop solutions that match the aspirations of consumers.

Recent test results show that the company’s coffee cups have the ability to hold soft and hot drinks for around two days. This resistance also worked on alcoholic drinks for a couple of hours, which in the case of disposable cups, can contain for few hours.

The paperboard manufactured from wood-based raw material and after the ink is removed during the pulping process, the remaining paperboard containing a large amount of short fiber is completely recyclable. The recycled pulp with no fluorine compounds of any kind is of great quality and can be used into copy-grade paper for up to six times.

The carton boards are also available in silk matt layering apart from the standard, which allows a gloss surface with good printability.

The folding box board used for various packaging needs from consumer products like medicines, cosmetics and alcohol to chilled and frozen foods like fish and general packaging has already been launched and marketed under the brand name of Aegle. Aegle has already received orders from countries like UK, Germany and Norway apart from Finland. While the marketing of the cups branded under the name Isla is yet to begin. It is believed that big companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks are interested in Isla, which is still waiting for its final certification.

The CEO admits that the carton board with blockade features needs the machine to be dozens of meters elongated than the usual, so as to add numerous layers to the material. He is also positive about the success of the product, as for now, there is no other product which is moisture resilient in the market.

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