Food Processing: Emerging Trend in Global Food and Beverages Industry


Food processing is on the rise to enhance the taste and produce new food and beverages products in the market. However, with consumer preference for healthier options, companies are reformulating and providing the clean label for the customers. To meet the demand for healthy products, food processors are eliminating and replacing unsafe ingredients with healthy ingredients. Moreover, food processing companies are also looking for flexible machinery, producing small batches, including various features and reducing food waste.

New projects and investments strengthening food processing and food security in UAE

Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA) is planning to build Sharjah Food Park. It is said to be the focal point for food storage, import, export, manufacturing and packaging. Contributing to the country’s GDP and attracting foreign investors, the food park will be the first of its kind. Sharjah’s food processing industry has already shown growth in recent years. Sharjah also plans to boost exports by developing stronger food processing industries.

North Carolina Research Center to open Food Processing Center

N.C. Research Center is planning to open new food processing center, which is expected to improve state’s food processing and manufacturing industry. Known as Food Science Processing and Innovation Center, will be a lab, including better manufacturing processes. Companies will be able to develop test and design new food products at the center. The center is also considered to be the major resource for food manufacturers and contributing towards economic development.

The food center will help food manufacturers to formulate food recipes for the new product and will also provide the place for production. Currently, the list is being prepared for the equipment needed at the food processing center. While the construction may start in Q1 2018.

Blue Pacific opens new Flavor Creation & Culinary Innovation Center

With changing customer taste and preference, food manufacturers are also introducing new flavors in the market. Blue Pacific, a US-based company has also opened a new research and development center for product development and creating new flavors for its operations in Asia and the U.S. The company develops organic, natural fruit and sweet flavors for various food applications including dairy, beverages, ice-creams, desserts and bakery products. This new center will increase company’s capabilities in creation, application and sensory testing in organic and natural flavors.

With increasing availability of processed foods and beverages, researchers are looking for various advanced techniques and methods to make these processed foods healthy for consumption.

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