Demand For Maple Water Market Likely to Exceed16, 000,000 liters in 2018

The Fact.MR report on the maple water market provides key insights of the market and includes details about the main factors influencing the sales of maple water. The demand for maple water is projected to reach 8.7% CAGR by volume during 2018-2027.

Key Insights

  • The demand for maple water market could surpass 16,000,000 liters in 2018.
  • The growing health conscious population is fueling the demand for natural and organic foods and beverages, which could drive the sales of maple water.
  • Growing preference for low-calorie sweeteners are accelerating the maple syrup consumption, which will further fuel the growth of maple water market.
  • The report mentions the segmentation of maple water market by nature, sales channel, flavor type, and packaging type, etc.
  • The leading players in maple water market are increasingly focusing on innovation, partnerships, quality, and packaging. For example, Drink Simple has partnered with SIG to introduce its original maple water variety DRINKmale. The newly-launched product has low calories, and is certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI).
  • The sales of maple water via modern trade sales channel is expected to surpass 5,000,000 liters in 2018.

Low-Calorie Beverage Trend Driving Sales of Maple Water

Over time, a lot of people have turned health conscious, and are increasing consuming natural and organic beverage and foods. Being composed of about 46 bioactive nutrients, maple water boosts immune health and prevents degenerative diseases. As a result the consumption of maple water has grown significantly.

The increase in the number of people opting workouts and yoga to lead a healthy lifestyle has fueled the sales of maple water as a sports and workout recovery drink. Many people have started drinking maple water over coconut water, owning to the low-sugar content in the former.

In fact, the growing demand for low-calorie beverages has led to rise in maple water consumption as a substitute to other drinks and fruit juices. Moreover, today’s well informed consumers seek great tasting beverages, which are rich in nutrition, like maple water. The changing lifestyle and growing demand for low-sugar drinks is likely to fuel the growth of maple water market.

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Growing Demand for Maple Syrup Triggering Growth Maple Water Market

Maple water is the sole ingredient of maple syrup. Thus, manufacturers in the maple water market are aiming to supply huge quantities of maple water to the producers of maple syrup. As per the International Maple Institute Report, in the U.S., the maple syrup production capacity could reach 1 million taps offing.

The use of maple syrup has been driven due to the growing intake of bakery products, which used maple syrup as a healthy topping option. The syrup is also used to add flavor into different kinds of foods and beverages.

The upsurge in the demand for alternative sugar sources in Americas has made the region a prime producer and consumer of syrups. In the U.S., maple syrup is also replacing sugar in cooking due to the increasing obesity rate. In fact, in Europe, the manufactures soft drinks are using maple syrup on a large scale, as they produce sodas, flavored beer, etc. using it.

Factors Impacting the Growth of Maple Water Market  

  • Climate Change Hampering Growth of Maple Water Market

Climate change is obstructing the sales of maple water, which solely depends on maple tree. The dry climate and rising temperatures have been affecting the maple trees badly, as the warm temperatures in some parts of the world are causing maple trees to bud, deteriorating the quality of the sap.

According to a research conducted by Proctor Maple Research Center, climate change is linked to deterioration of maple tree. Besides, The Massachusetts University scientists believe that continuous rise in temperature and climate change can together result into maple tree eradication from the US. Mature maple tree produces nearly 200 gallons of maple water in a season. The report mentions that climate change is causing decline in maple water and is lowering water production from the trees, which is further badly hitting the maple water supply in the U.S.

  • Lacking Scientific Research Restricting Growth of Maple Water Market Growth

Maple water market is a new comer in the well-established plant-based drinks, like coconut water. Maple water market is at a quite nascent stage, owing to very limited research done on the benefits of maple water. Researchers are yet to conduct studies comparing maple water’s benefits and effects on health. No research has confirmed the health benefits of nutrients present in maple water.

Aforementioned insights are included in Fact.MR’s report on maple water market during 2018-2027.

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