Daimler’s Volunteer Recall of 3 Million Diesel Cars for Updates


German carmaker Daimler, which owns Mercedes and Smart brands, is recalling over 3 million Mercedes Benz diesel cars. The cars were called back in an effort across Europe for an update that will reduce harmful emissions.

To avoid massive penalties that affected Volkswagen Group nearly two years ago, Daimler is in quest of to evade the crisis over emission cheating. The attempt to recall more than three million diesel engines cars includes a software patch and avoiding component fixes in the ‘on roads’ across the region which is going to cost Daimler around 220 million euros i.e. $255 million.

Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of management and head of Mercedes-Benz cars, said that they want to reassure the drivers of the diesel engine cars and reinforce their confidence in the diesel technology. He further added that due to diesel’s low CO2 emissions, diesel engines will be continued to their first choice in the drive system. The automaker cannot afford to have diesel further blotted by doubts and allegations as the technology is core and essential to meet targets for lower carbon-dioxide emissions. While the demand for VW cars has decreased but diesel is still preferred for about half of total drivers car sales.

The company continues to face an ongoing investigation in the U.S. and Germany, with additional checks on new as well as ongoing models for possible violations on emissions and false advertisement. In their defense, Daimler said that it has adhered to all the policies and regulations to reduce emissions to protect the car’s engine. Volkswagen acceptance that it deceived the regulators has put other carmakers in trouble and has come under inspection in Europe. VW hand out a huge recall of its vehicles which were affected and faced numerous proceedings. The automaker also settled billions of claims from owners, environmental regulators, states, and dealers.

The carmaker said that the customer will get the updated new vehicle free of cost. The execution will be commencing in the coming weeks and since a large number of vehicles are involved, the updates are going to take some time. Around 45% of small cars and 75% of vans have been upgraded since March.

Apart from the recall, the auto giant is also going to the speedy rollout of a completely new 4 cyliner OM 654 diesel engine.

Some reports also states that Daimler’s recall’s with Euro-5 and -6 emissions standards cost estimation is around 70 euros per car which is extremely low and can possibly increase.

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