5 Global Packaging Trends for 2017

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In today’s era, customers are becoming highly aware, which is becoming both a challenge and an opportunity for companies across all sectors. The global packaging sector has also been impacted by evolving consumer demand for food and beverage products that are healthy and safe to consume.

Today, consumers not only paying attention to the quality of the product but also the packaging format, design & the information which is being communicated through the packaging.  Packaging is now no longer simply about just covering a product—it is all about the unboxing an experience and differentiating yourself from others.

So it becomes the prime focus for the brands or companies on how to communicative the value of the product in simple, approachable terms and connect with the consumer. This puts them in a position to be more innovative and user-friendly than ever to increase brand engagement and loyalty. On the back of these factors, the packaging industry is adapting and evolving to meet the needs of modern-day consumers. Here’s our take on the top five trends that will shape the global packaging sector in 2017 and beyond.

  • Simplicity & Clarity

Brands needs to adopt more technology-based themes & designs that make products easy to use, simple, and illustrative. By reducing requisites to their core purpose, a clarity of meaning and intention is conveyed which can help brands approach their end-users in a personalized way. It is important that brands don’t confuse simplicity with a lack of imagination – the creativity needs to align with user-friendliness. To grab consumer’s attention, brands must also opt for colors & patterns to indicate difference in flavors or variety.

  • Patterns & Shapes

We have seen the patterns & shapes in 2016 too and it still continues to trend so. The bold, simple colors, illustrations & shapes results in some interesting & characteristic packaging which creates a huge impact in identifying the products. Behind every design there is a story. The consumer will be closer to the brand, if the designs are carefully crafted, with purposeful rich content and brand story. Consumer prefers brands that provide reliable on-the-go packaging for their products. Products which are easy to carry around with minimal or no damage in any adverse condition or fluctuating temperature.

  • Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is a pervasive trend, as companies focus on meeting government regulations and catering to conscientious consumers. More people are concerned about the environment and are looking for ways in which they can contribute to environmental conservation. They want to see brands resolving the problem from their end instead of creating it. Consumer awareness has also increased about the reusable packaging, and the use of recycled materials to produce packaging. Biodegradable or sustainable packaging not only has a positive impact on the environment but it also helps create a positive perception about the brand in the minds of consumers.

  • Custom & Vintage

The custom lettering helps create a warm and emotional bond with the product as it making us feel handmade and personal. Vintage-inspired designs are trending at the moment. It gives a great feeling of vintage design yet balanced with the modern technology.

  • E-commerce Friendly

With the rise in e-commerce, brands have to been forced to innovate, as the shift from in-store to online shopping has increased over time and continues to grow. As e-commerce includes last mile delivery, using packaging that can maintain the integrity of the product over long distances is necessary. The packaging sector has sensed a lucrative opportunity in this, and are offering durable, temperature-controlled, and light-weight products.

These were 5 top trends that will be palpable in the global packaging market in 2017. As the packaging sector continues to be influenced by a multitude of macro and micro-economic factors, innovations and developments will continue to usher in new trends in the market.

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